Lynndelle Pratt, MS, LMFT

Going to therapy can be helpful for you if you are ready to reflect more, share your personal story, raise awareness of where you would like change and seek out positive ways to cope. I approach therapy with compassion for individuals and their families listening intently to your personal experiences, your grief after traumatic life events, and the fears, emotions and behaviors that are interrupting your sense of well-being. Most of my experience has been working with a diverse background of pre-teens, teens, young adults and their families helping them successfully discover areas of strength, support and empowerment.

In hopes of assisting you with tapping into your own inner wisdom of what works best for you, I introduce well-researched ideas to treat symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety, cutting behaviors, OCD, making life transitions, trauma, and processing grief around death and losses. I have had personal experiences that have given me insight into the common difficulties of being a young parent, having relationships that did not work out and addressing co-parenting issues. With a collaborative effort, I assist couples in their work to build better relational skills and healthy decision-making.