Rochelle Brandl Receives Susan Rydell Award

North Psychology’s Dr. Rochelle Brandl (Shelly) received a Susan Rydell Award for distinguished contribution to psychology from the Minnesota Psychological Association.  Robert C. Van Siclen introduced her at the awards ceremony:

After grad school, Shelly worked at North Memorial and then Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. At the time, in the 1990s, Childrens had two outpatient mental health programs focusing on children with special needs: The program for Autistic and Other Exceptional Children, and the Preschool Mental Health Program, which I knew as the Therapeutic Nursery. Childrens decided to stop offering outpatient mental health therapy, so Shelly took those two programs to Fraser Community Services, as it was then known, and became the first Director of The Fraser Child and Family Center.award

Shelly went on to become the VP for Clinical Services at Fraser. Under her leadership, Fraser began to offer Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as an alternative to the day treatment model. Fraser created treatment programs for children experiencing adoption or disrupted attachments, a service for kids who experienced trauma, and another for FASD. Fraser’s services to this population expanded to include sites in Anoka, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, and Eagan.

So Fraser’s services, and its mission, grew remarkably during Shelly’s tenure. Fraser became the authoritative resource we know today, the “go to” referral for psychologists, schools, and physicians with diagnostic, intervention, therapeutic and educational programming questions about children with these disabilities. With this work, Fraser helped broaden public understanding of and commitment to those children.

We have become better psychologists because we have been able to rely on Fraser to help us meet our most basic professional responsibility, to help our patients, and their families find the programming and the therapy that they need. For her contribution to our field, and especially to our patients, we are proud to give Shelly the award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology.

Congratulations to Shelly!